Established in 2001, Quintin Oakes is a family run business that has been designing and constructing dairy parlours and other farm buildings for dairies in Taranaki for over 10 years.


We don’t just build milking parlours and farm buildings – we also have years of professional experience in residential construction. So if you need to balance the “domestic-bliss” scale when you decide that the girls need a new milking parlour- we can also build the wife a new kitchen! So it’s a win-win situation!


Our experience in the field of dairy based construction means that we know how to design and construct dairy parlours that will enhance and seamlessly integrate into your dairy procedures and operations. And because we operate independently, you are free to choose your preferred plant when it comes to supplying and installing your new milking machinery.


Whether it’s a Rotary or Herringbone model that you’re after, we’ll customise the right design for your dairy operation and construct a milking parlour that will streamline your dairy procedures, optimise your production and add value to your bottom line.

With core values that aim to provide quality and professional farm and dairy based construction services that contribute to the growth of dairy production in New Zealand, the team at Quintin Oakes are the people you need when it comes to building that new milking parlour – and that new kitchen!


If you are a hard-working team player and are motivated to get the job done right, please contact us about the possibility of joining our company.